Andrew Shelffo


Raised in New Jersey, Andrew Shelffo is a writer and teacher currently based in western Massachusetts, where he bemoans the lack of decent pizza and bagels and roots against the local sports teams.

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Loves:Coffee, morning runs, golf and dogs

Hates: Condescension, kale, and people looking at their phones while they drive.

Fav Saying: What fools these mortals be!

Group Name: GRIT

Email: ashelffo@gmail.com

Phone:(141) 325-9533

Beats ‘n Bulls Hogs ‘n Cigars

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
(September 16-19, 2021)

GRIT: True Stories That Matter

Category: Beats ‘n Bulls Hogs ‘n Cigars

Host(s): The Concenergy Group

Style: Interactive/Limited Seating


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