Ashley LaRue

Voted as “The Triads Best Local Original Band” of 2020 by Yes! Weekly, LaRue and her band reach the masses with messages of positivity, hope, good vibes. As the band’s acoustic guitarist, vocal powerhouse, LaRue, is accompanied by Trombonist, Jeremy “Bones” Rodgers, Electric Guitarist Horace “H-Bomb” Bennett, Bass Guitarist RAS Ralph Duiour, Drummer Lars E. Hartmann, and David “Piano Dave “ Morse on Keys. A blend of Acoustics, Reggae, Alt-Rock, and what can only be described as “her sound,” can be heard in “Up In Smoke,” the band’s latest single, which was released December 2020.


Zodiac: Aries

Love: Coffee. Herbal Medicine. Avocados. Music. Gaming. Anime.

Dislike: Fake Friends

Fav saying: There are too many ? …… – “Life is too short, so love the ones you got” “One Love”

Culture Power Hour EXTENDED

August 20, 2021

7:30pm - 10:00pm I Culture Power Hour EXTENDED 

Category:Exhibitions and Presentations 

Feature:Multiple Artists 

Host(s):Bull City in the Basement 

Style:Interactive/Limited Seating


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