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Vendors, Barbers/ Hair Stylists, Fashion Designers, and Musical Artists:

Registration is now open for vendors, musical showcase artists, hair stylists/barbers, and fashion designers.

Tickets for the general public go on sale June 17, 2022.


The Festivals of Art, Thought, and Culture hosts many festivals; however, our largest and most creative is the CONCENERGY year-end series which always occurs on the 2nd weekend of December.  Think of it as a combined year-end celebration and platform for emerging artists, designers, and small businesses to announce and launch their brand and its offerings for the upcoming year.  We are all about supporting local, so in this space, you will find the who’s who of emerging artists, businesses, their supporters, and fans.

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Holiday Bazaar (Vendors & Food Trucks) Registration

Yes, we do mix business with pleasure.  This year we will select 30 vendors who will sell everything from baked goods to inspired visual art.  But shopping is only one piece of the pie.  Behind the scenes, small businesses, artists, and the community to network and connect within the space.

CLICK HERE ➡️  To Download Information Packet

Vendor and food truck registration for the market is now open!

Registration form below


CLICK HERE ➡️  To Download Information Packet

Registration is now open for all talent and stylist showcases, vendors, and food trucks.

Registration form below


The CONCENERGY BALL is a multi-genre industry celebration that serves as the culminating event of the weekend.  Musicians, visual artists, poets, and small businesses come together in a combined end-of-year celebration.  Anyone who appreciates art, culture, and supporting local is welcome to attend and fully participate in all activities.

The ATC Festivals and The Fruit host this celebration as a part of our diversity, inclusion, belonging, and culture series.  We initiate the planning early in the year and start decorating The Fruit after the Thanksgiving holidays.

Admittedly, the Ball is a little over the top (think Met Gala but with more swank and local flair). Attire is avant-garde, creative, and futuristic.  The theme this year is “The Future Is Now”, so put a little thought into your dress.

Expect a red carpet event with live music, fashion exhibitions, hair show and competitions, visual art, poetry exhibitions, late-night food trucks, craft cocktails from The Hive Bar, and more. There will be plenty of opportunities to dance and engage.

Limited general admission tickets for the public go on sale June 17, 2022.

305 S. Dillard Street
Durham, NC 27701

Find us at the intersection of Dillard and Ramseur, near Durham Cider Works and before Ponysaurus, about four blocks east of DPAC and American Tobacco.

During the workday, there is free on-street parking in the area and there are a few spaces on-site. Evening and weekend parking is available in the County Human Services lot across the street.

Local food is the best food. Independently owned food trucks featuring diverse cuisines will be on location and ready to serve you on Friday and Saturday.  Select a traditional, festive, or mocktail drink from one of our three cocktail lounges.

Food Truck Registration TBA


For your reference and the convenience of your guests, there are three hotels within a 10 -15 min brisk walk of the venue (The Fruit):


CLICK HERE ➡️  To Download Information Packet

Registration is now open for all talent and stylist showcases, vendors, and food trucks.

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