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Getting Around Durham


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Durham is a historical haven, a sanctuary for the spectacular, and a rough-cut gem waiting to be unearthed. Durham’s been a destination on the move for more than 150 years. Consider exploring Durham in your downtime. 


The great thing about Downtown Durham is that it is quaint enough that you can get anywhere you want within a 15-20 minute walk.  The FRUIT is about a 10 minute brisk walk from all host hotels. If you need to give your feet a break, there are many transportation options to choose from.

If staying Downtown Durham, we highly recommend considering all other options before deciding to drive the short distance over to the venue.  

Transportation Options

Airport Transportation

The Raliegh-Durham International Airport (RDU) is about 15 minutes from downtown and offers many options to get you to your destination. Navigate to https://www.rdu.com/ground-transportation/ to explore the ground transportation options available to you.  


If you are staying outside of downtown, or need a car to get where you are going, simply use your favorite ride share app.  The apps will give you recommended pickup locations away from road closures and direct you there so you can be on your way quickly.  Navigate to:


305 S Dillard Street

Durham NC  27701


Downtown Durham parking locations can be found here: https://www.parkdurham.org/.  Hotels typically have designated parking.  

The Department of Social Services has a parking lot which is adjacent to their building and THE FRUIT.  The address of the lot is 414 E Main St, Durham, NC 27702.  This surface lot is free after 5pm on weekdays and all day on weekends.  The lot holds a maximum of 400 vehicles.

Our patrons may also use the smaller Smashing Boxes parking lot which is located behind their gate and adjacent to their building.  This lot holds about 75 vehicles.  The address is 506 Ramseur St, Durham, NC 27701.

Limited parking may be available on the street.  If the above lots are full and you cannot find street parking, the closest paid parking lot is the Corcoran Street Parking Garage located at 110 East Corcoran Street, Durham NC  27701. Expect a brisk 10 minute walk.   

Unless otherwise noted, performers, and exhibitors may use the gravel lot located on the side of the building closest to the rail road tracks to park.  Please note that you will need to display your parking pass when parking in this lot or your vehicle will be towed.  

All parking is at your own risk.  


Downtown Hotel Shuttles 

All host hotels have shuttles and arrangements have been made to pick up and drop off at pre-arranged times during the day.  The schedule will be posted in the hotel lobby and can be found here:  _______________________


Our patrons have access to the closest hotels with the lowest rates .  When booking, use code: fyoozRDU to receive the discounted rates.  


Unscripted Hotels Durham


202 N Corcoran St, Durham NC, 27701

(984) 329-9500



 111 Corcoran Street

Durham, North Carolina 27701