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Opportunity for A Content Creator


We are looking for a thought leader who is keen on The Culture as we define it.  The ideal candidate will need to have a strong interest in the art of visual storytelling and should appreciate the intersection of music, art, and business.  Videography and photography skills are required.

The primary responsibility of this thought leader is to produce content for the YouTube portion of The Festivals of Art, Thought, and Culture.   This thought leader role requires vision as the candidate will shape the fabric of how online users view the festivals and the work of the other thought leaders.  This role will work 1:1 with the chief visionary officer for the festivals.

Secondary to producing content for YouTube, the thought leader will serve as the videographer and photographer for the festival.  This will include capturing raw footage of the performing artists, speakers, and strategic content during the festival.  The role will direct the artist interviews during the festivals.  This content will be used on the YouTube channel or on social media.  A basic understanding of the mechanics of multiple-angle shoots, general photography, and editing skills are required.  While technical skills are required, vision and passion for this work are more important.

The Content Creator – Youtuber/Videographer/Photographer role is a gateway position that will have high visibility and has the potential to lead to other business and industry credibility.  The editing time required in your in-home studio should be modest, about 30 – 40 hours per month.  The amount of time spent will depend upon how on how adept you are with capturing quality footage which would minimize the amount of editing time.

There is a monthly stipend associated with this gateway opportunity.  The stipend will commence when the first festival starts (planned for August 2021).  Prior to the kickoff of that festival, the thought leader will work alongside the other thought leaders to prep for the festivals, setting up templates and frames that will be used during the implementation phase, to make the work effort efficient and reduce the amount of time needed for editing.

If you would like to learn more about this thought leader role, please complete the form below.  Kindly share your social media information too, as we would love to see some of your work.

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