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Johanne Pelletier

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Storyteller and writer, Johanne Pelletier teaches and coaches startups in Montreal Canada – she also performs her stories in english and french, featured in shows in Canada and the United States. She is a member of the GRIT Swap Shop, a group of storytelling collaborators working together to create stronger stories. She is a 2021 winner of the GRIT Storytelling 99-Second Story Grand Slam….and when she is not thinking about the next story, she is a certified boxing official in Canada and the US. For more about the stories, see jpelletier.ca

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Zodiac: Pisces

Loves:Rain, cats and dogs, lemons….

Hates: Flies, tightly cinched waists, liver……..

Fav Saying: If not now, when?

Nickname: Pink (former boxing name)

Beats ‘n Bulls Hogs ‘n Cigars

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
(September 16-19, 2021)

GRIT: True Stories That Matter

Category: Beats ‘n Bulls Hogs ‘n Cigars

Host(s): The Concenergy Group

Style: Interactive/Limited Seating


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