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Participation Terms and Conditions for Performing Artists, DJs, Designers, and Stylists

Participation Terms and Conditions

The thought leaders at The Festivals of Art, Thought, and Culture ( the “Festival”) are proud to integrate music, art, dance, dialogue, education, social causes, business, fashion, empowerment, and entertainment all into one social stream of consciousness that we collectively call The Culture.  We do this by offering in-person and online events and by offering a platform to artists, speakers, community groups, etc. who participate within The Culture.

We build online profile pages for our participants and use their associated images, likeness, videos, and published works in print media; social media; live streams; online content for our streaming services like Youtube; and for marketing and promotion purposes.  By participating in The Culture, participants give the Festival, its organizers, and thought leaders (“Festival affiliates) the consent to use any works as noted above for the purposes stated without any associated fees or royalties.  For any participants’ works of art, media, or speeches that may be used by festival affiliates as noted above, the participant guarantees that the participant owns the body of work and that it does not infringe upon the copyrights owned by other entities.  Cover bands, DJs, artists, designers, and speakers who will exhibit any body of work that does not belong to them must notify us by indicating this in the form below.

Festival affiliates will confirm consent from each participant prior to engaging in marketing and promotion activities.  The form below must be completed by the artist, DJ, designer, or speaker prior to participating in any festival events.

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