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Shweta Bhatt

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Shweta Bhatt is a consultant, speaker, writer, and artist who serves as a guide for those who want to harness their voice. Born and raised in Massachusetts, Shweta’s Indian heritage lent itself to be the vehicle through which she began to craft the story of her experience. Growing up in a town where no one looked like her, she was determined to seek what it was that connected us all. After graduating Brown University and spending 6 years in finance with Fortune 100 executives and billion dollar budgets, Shweta realized her true calling was in helping people find more compassion, connection, and resilience within themselves as they navigate significant life changes. She uses the craft of storytelling, public speaking, and writing to encourage each individual in sharing who they are and what they want to a world ready to listen, as she herself weaves into a story the very experiences she has as a unique expression of our collective experience.

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Zodiac: Virgo sun, Capricorn moon/rising

Loves:90’s RnB, basketball movies, The Holidays, Walks, Farmer’s markets

Hates: Spaghetti squash, dampness, gaslighting

Fav Saying: I am no greater than the ordinary man, but I must remember the ordinary man is already great

Beats ‘n Bulls Hogs ‘n Cigars

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
(September 16-19, 2021)

GRIT: True Stories That Matter

Category: Beats ‘n Bulls Hogs ‘n Cigars

Host(s): The Concenergy Group

Style: Interactive/Limited Seating


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