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Sunny J


Sunny J is a Conscious Christian Rapper from Durham, NC. Her lyrical viewpoints and hardcore demeanor put her in a category of her own. Fans have named her “The Church Girl who Raps” and rave every Sunday when she drops her weekly Freestyles. Sunny J will release her highly anticipated first single, Ode to Son, on February 28th, 2021. The powerful song is apart of her first EP, entitled Long Overdue, which drops in April!
Her motto mimics her lifestyle “Only what I do for Christ will Last.”


Zodiac: Taurus

Love: I love to Workout and Spending time with my Family. My family and I are super close. We spend most nights sitting around playing games and watching Youtube!

Dislike: I dislike sweets. I do not like deserts at all! Pies, Cakes, Ice Cream, and anything else you would probably consider a delicious treat!

Fav saying: “Only what I do for Christ will Last”
Nickname: Sunny J

Culture Power Hour EXTENDED

August 20, 2021

8:00pm - 10:00pm I Culture Power Hour EXTENDED 

Category:Exhibitions and Presentations 

Feature:Multiple Artists 

Host(s):Bull City in the Basement 

Style:Interactive/Limited Seating


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