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Tech Crew

The Fruit and The Festivals of Art, Thought, and Culture proudly partner with M4 Media as the provider for our in-house, audio-visual solutions. M4 Media has assembled a team of top-notch, well respected audio engineers to provide support for our concerts, shows, and live experiences.

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Clarence Harding  

Media Director, FOH, Monitor, and Recording Engineer; A1 Audio-Visual Technician, Lighting

Clarence serves as the media director and owner of M4 Media. He has worked in media, marketing, and as an AV director for over 20 years. Clarence is well respected nationally in the faith community. His previous work supporting global ministries led him to produce content on national television platforms such as TBN, The Word Network, INSP, and Daystar. He continues to enjoy working in a live production environment with national recording artists and now spends most of his time providing media-related consultation services for large meetings, conferences, and outdoor events. In addition to partnering with The Fruit and The Festivals of Art, Thought, and Culture to provide AV services, Clarence serves as the music director for Peace Missionary Baptist Church. Keyboard and bass guitar are among his first musical loves.

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Reggie Gibbs

(AKA Gibbs)

Technical Manager, Crew Lead, Client Liason

Gibbs has always had a strong passion for music and the performing arts.  In his formative years, he enjoyed being a touring gospel musical artist.  Later, he found himself working in artist development, music production, recording, and songwriting in a multi-genre environment.  Gibbs is a former indie record label and recording studio co-owner.  He says that he has seen a thing or two in his day and it puts a smile on his face to help clients at The Fruit, who do not necessarily talk tech, to clarify their AV needs, leading to a successful show.  Gibbs is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of the Festivals of Art, Thought, and Culture.  In his spare time, he still enjoys vocal coaching and arranging harmonies for small groups.  Gibbs does not play keyboard in performance mode as much anymore, but every now and then he sits in on a jam session.  His current pastime activities include serving as a development coach to emerging small business professionals.

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Keith Johnson

FOH, Monitor, and Recording Engineer; A1 Audio Visual Technician, Lighting Design

Keith is a professional audio, video, and lighting engineer and pro audio installer.  He is known nationally for his work serving as the chief engineer for special productions in arenas, amphitheaters, festivals, and concert tours.  Along with his over thirty years of experience in live and recorded production in virtually every genre of music, his behind the stage lighting/design and passion for pro audio installation makes him a well-rounded, solution-oriented asset to have on your team.  Some of his favorite audio consoles are Midas Pro 2, Digico S31, Avid consoles, Yamaha CL series, and Allen & Heath D Live 3500.

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Manny Smith

FOH, Monitor, and Recording Engineer; A1 Audio Visual Technician, Lighting

Manny is a professional audio engineer with the proven work ethic and experience to match. He is committed to going above and beyond for every client, for every show. Manny demonstrates high-quality organizational skills and is a consummate multi-tasking guru in any given situation. He holds a degree in Mass Communication from North Carolina Central University and is highly skilled as a front-of-house and monitor engineer. Manny has over eight years of experience mixing for Grammy, BET, Billboard, Dove, and Stellar nominated and award-winning artists. He is highly sought after to be the engineer for festivals and tours across the country with attendees ranging from 300 to 30K. Manny has console specialization experience with Midas Pro Series, Digico, Yamaha QL, CL, PM5D-RH, M7, Avid Profile, and SC48, and Soundcraft Vi Series.

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Reggie Watson

FOH, Monitor, and Recording Engineer; A1 Audio Visual Technician, Lighting

Reggie is a professional audio engineer and sought after musician/music director who supports several local bands in his spare time and travels with national artists as needed.  Originally, from Weldon, NC, he is a graduate of North Carolina State University. Reggie has served as the mixing engineer for various national R&B, Gospel, Pop, and Rock artists and goes the extra mile to provide a top-notch, crisp, quality sound for his clients.  Reggie will tell you that he is “techy”.  You can find him in his spare time researching the newest and latest technologies for audio and video.

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Leon Faison

(AKA DJ Bigg L)

Audio Visual Tech, Stage and Production Crew

Leon has a love of music that dates to an early age. He is dedicated to providing superior production service and seeks to make any event an immersive experience.  Leon has over ten years with live audio sound systems. He has worked with national gospel recording artists such as Lashon Pace, Canton Spirituals, and John P. Kee. He has also worked as an in-house audio technician to provide service for many tribute and cover bands.  Most folks know him as DJ Bigg L.  When he is not working with the production crew, he serves as a resident DJ and DJ Coordinator for the Festivals of Art, Thought, and Culture.

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Stephon Cotton


Audio Visual Tech, Stage and Production Crew

Spud is a passionate music lover.  His admiration for live production had him volunteering and working professionally in audio and video since age 12. His experiences include being a camera operator, providing live audio for ministries, and working with national artists on indoor and outdoor concert events.  Spud has worked on set for live video production for national TV networks.   His hobbies are photography and bartending.